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This is Edudate - The #1 dating agency for teachers seeking teachers. Edudate is open to anyone who works in education; teachers, teaching assistants, administrators, site staff, librarians, trainees and retired teachers too!

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Since 1st of April 2020, we have been running successful online speed dating events for teachers. Many of our participants have "matched" with each other and gone onto have successful relationships. In fact, one of our couples met in the first event last year! Now, with lockdowns ending, we move into a new era - organising more personalised date opportunities for our members.

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"After meeting on edudate in May 2020, we spent two months messaging everyday before meeting in person. It’s now coming up to the one year anniversary of us meeting on edudate and we are very happy together. The last year has been awful for many obvious reasons, but I am grateful that 2020 also gave me something wonderful."

Edudate member, now in a relationship after meeting at an event in May 2020

"My now partner and I signed up for Edudate 1, started taking, and never looked back. We’ve now talked every day since April 15th, had a holiday together, lived together during the winter lockdown, and now officially live together in my new flat. I love him and it’s all down to Edudate!"

Edudate member, now in a relationship after meeting at an event in April 2020

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4 of our couples met in April/May 2020!




Listen to some of our couples tell their story!





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