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"Waking up to a number of new followers thanks to #edudate Just wanted to express to everyone that got involved or did not, it was fantastic! Random conversations, smiles, laughter and meeting people from all over the UK. I'm in for the next one, sign me up!"

Rob Turley

Only £4 p/m


Edudate Priority

*Guaranteed* place in *all* our speed dating events

We have 700+ members so make sure you can attend every single speed dating event

*exclusive* dating profiles delivered to your inbox every month 

We know how busy teachers are - we do the hard work for you in finding you some great potential matches for you to pick from

Priority Prize Draw – Priority members prize draws at every speed date

We give away best selling books, online courses and other top edu prizes at every speed dating event

How many “likes” did you get? Find out after every event

We will make sure you know how many people said they wanted to see you again, regardless of whether you matched with them or not

First to be matched – find out before anyone else how many matches you got!

No more waiting to know whether you have a match - we sort your matches 1st

Quarterly webcast with one of our successful edudate couples where they tell their story!

We hear from one of our successful couples

A free online course worth £20 on sign up

We will send you an online course worth £20+ to suppport your when you sign up

Just £4 per month

Terms and Conditions

Edudate Priority is £4 a month. Each payment for 30 days is non refundable. When you sign up, you will automatically re-renew your subscription each month unless you cancel it (which you can do at any time).

We guarantee a place for you in every single one of our speed dating events. We now have more than 1000 members, so edudate priority ensures you can take part in every single speed dating event. 


We send you dating profiles every month (there is no minumum or maximum here). We arrange dates for you from your picks. You will receive dating profiles at any time within the 30 day period via email. We will only offer you profiles/dates of members who fit within your specific criteria - particularly age and location. If we can't find suitable dates, we won't offer you profiles. All dates we select will be from our 1000+ member pool. You won't date anyone you have already dated in a speed dating event or other edudate matching service.

You can cancel your Edudate Priority subscription at any time for the subsequent month up to 1 day before the next months payment is due.

Your personal details will never be shared with any third parties.

You should not share any information shared with you by Edudate, including dating profiles, unless you have permission from us to do so.

Once you have subscribed, you'll receive an email from us (please check your spam!) asking for further relevant information. Once we receive that from you, we start work!


Feel to free to write us some words of advice, ask us a question, or send us your best wishes!




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