Shades of Love

A couple of years ago, myself and my good friend David were walking through one of Vigo’s most beautiful parks; Castrellos. We were having one of our usual long winded, deep and reflective life chats. I’d just got rejected by a girl I’d been on a couple of dates with, David was in a relationship that he would soon leave. As we strolled in the summer sunshine, the question of what constituted being in love came up again.

I characterised it as being in the red zone, the amber zone or the nothing zone.

I guess a synonym for the red zone could be the "madly in love zone"; constantly thinking about the person, sometimes obsessively, excited to see them at any opportunity and willing to sacrifice others to this pursuit, in a state of euphoria when with them, almost like when you are together everything else fades into the background. Perhaps mixed with this